Healthcare companies

  • Clinical Institute Beato Matteo – Vigevano (PV)

    Electrical installations maintenance, carried out by FA.ST.NET also at the Clinical Institute Beato Matteo of Vigevano, is one of our most requested services.

  • Health Institute City of Pavia – Pavia

    Mechanical and electrical maintenance, service of technological coverage service etc… The Health Institute, in Pavia, has chosen to rely on FA.ST.NET for these services!

  • Orthopedic Institute Galeazzi – Milano

    The Orthopedic Institute Galeazzi of Milan has chosen FA. ST.NET for the assumption of the third party responsible, for the technological coverage service, as well as for the mechanical maintenance.

  • Policlinico San Marco – Zingonia (BG)

    The assumption of the third party responsible is only one of the many services provided by FA. ST.NET, for which the Policlinico San Marco of Zingonia chose us!

  • Policlinico San Pietro – Ponte San Pietro (BG)

    Mechanical maintenance, technological coverage service, assumption of third party responsible: these are the services that the Policlinico San Pietro (BG) requested from us.

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